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publicado: martes 02 mayo, 2017

Basketball shoes on the track The main difference is that running shoes are much lighter. Basketball shoes fit higher on the foot with more stability in the ankles. Basketball shoes also have thicker soles and less flexibility. So for stopping, starting, jumping, and turning basketball shoes offer stability, safety, and comfort. Nike Hypervenom Phantom III FG But running shoes have the support where you need them for running. They also bend a bit more in the sole. And they are much lighter. So yes, it makes a huge difference. Buy some new running shoes, make sure you are fitted properly, and you will run better. By the way, in my 20 years of distance running Asics are my favorite shoe. Well, when you say miles you don say how many. If you run regularly, you need GOOD shoes. Not necessarily the most expensive, but good, solid quality shoes.

I agree with the answerer above me as well. It may take some time, but you may start to develop lower leg pains. Non running shoes are not designed to give proper support for running. If you are going to run seriously, get running shoes. Don wait until you are in agony one day to say, now I know why people say to wear proper running shoes!!! Take our hard learned lessons to heart. Like the answerer above, I also love "Asics" shoes. Running shoes have support in specific areas that you need for running, whereas basketball shoes are designed mainly for lateral support, cutting back and forth, sudden stops and starts, etc. Even more importantly, though, is cushioning. Running puts a ton of stress Zapatos De Futbol Nike on your feet, knees, etc., and running shoes have more cushioning to lessen that impact. You may not notice it right now, but eventually those basketball shoes will begin to do damage to your lower body, even if its only in the form of increased fatigue. Trust me: you need to get some running shoes..